Sunday 19 May 2013


  M A Y A   =   L O V E

Maya means love in Nepali. Maya Universe Academy is the first free privat shool for children in Nepal. In return the children´s parents help out at the school with all different kinds of things 2 days a month.  A/ BARENESS will support Maya Universe with 5 NOK for each product sold. That money will go directly back to Nepal to install equipment for different water projects & dry toilets. This will help the teachers and the guys behind MUA being able to focus more on their jobs and the whole community gain more from the natural resources in the area in a sustainable way.

2 of the super cute pupils we met when we visited 
Maya Universe Academy 

 Small bungalows have been built to function like classrooms as the main building is already occupied with other activities. Here you see Manjil Rana, one of the founders and teachers at Maya Universe Academy, in action. 

Maya Universe Mantra

Wisdom words at Maya Universe


Important words for both children and grown-ups

Maya Love Artwork

After some months we will go back to visit all the 55 kids at MUA and we are so looking forward to it! 
One of our projects is starting up these days
 we will tell you more about that soon. 

Love from Karoline & Anne-Marthe

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