Thursday 18 July 2013



Life sure is beautiful, but when it hits you hard like when you loose a beloved one it's sometimes challenging to find it meaningful...

Krishna Gurung, one of our associates here in Nepal lost his 7-year old son in a tragic accident some years back.
Redirecting grief into energy Krishna and his wife, Leela, created Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation (KRMEF) to celebrate the memory of their child and propels Kevins spirit and hopes and dreams into the future.

We are going to visit KRMEF on Sunday. Located in a small village south in the Kathmandu Valley they are doing everything from running a childrens orphanage, building natural buildings with waste glass bottles, making crafts & jewellery,organic farming and eductation & empowerment workshops for the local people amongst other things.
We are very much looking forward to see and learn more about their projects. 

Stay tuned for pics from our visit. Meanwhile you can have a look at this beautiful mini documentary about KRMEF and what they do for the common good & a sustainable future. 
This world sure needs more people like Krishna & Leela so every human being can get the chance to feel and think that 

Life Can Be Beautiful. 

Peace & love from Karoline & Anne-Marthe

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