Monday 20 January 2014

Simple Living is sooo 2014

                      Rethink * Reuse * Redress

 As we just launched A/BARENESS in May 2013 we are living on a tight budget focusing on getting the business up and running. 
And of course some fun times in between- Refuel of fun for a happy, creative soul is also a must, isn't?
A more healthy, relaxed mind can also be accomplished by being surrounded of less clothes & other things in your everyday life. 

       Less stuff. Less options. Less stress. Less mess.

 After commuting back and forth from Nepal for some years has made us realize have little of our clothes and other things we are in the actual need of! I, Karoline had decided to take a break from shopping in 2014- except if I get invited to a Nepali wedding- then I will invest in a beautiful Sari!     (I really hope I get an invitation!!!! ;)

 So it's time to rethink, reuse, redress and reduce. 
I did my first complete "Shopping Timeout" for 5 months in 2009 and my shopping habits has changed ever since- I am much more
conscious about my shopping- Really recommend it to everyone! 

 Do you remember that nice feeling you get when you can throw an empty makeup- or moisturizer container because there is really absolutely nothing left? You actually used it all and yes, that means you have to go buy a new cream or foundation, but the fact that you really finished it is quite satisfying, isn't?
So what if we all did the same with most of our clothes? Only replace clothes by buying new ones when it was absolutely necessary? Mindfulness is about being conscious. Also when it comes to shopping. 
I'm looking forward to a creative year ahead on how to reuse my wardrobe & and of course we both will share other Simple Living inspo and outfit pics too. 

xx Karoline & Anne-Marthe

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