Friday 4 April 2014



One of the kids at Maya Universe Academy. 
( Psst! This is one of the inspo photos
 behind the graffiti
 that we are making on Sunday!)
Coming Sunday we are shooting our very first video to promote our 'Give Back' Nepal project,
  to create awareness about the importance of clean water 
the need for sustainable water systems.

We already work with Smart Paani, as a local supplier,
 to deliver sustainable water systems at
Maya Universe Academy - the first free private school here in Nepal, started by local initiative.

 These days Anne-Marthes brother Calle is here in Nepal to travel
AND to help us to make our video. 
Calle is a professional videographer & is amongst other projects freelancing for
Ren Reklame(Clean Advertising)a Norwegian advertisement agency.
On Sunday we are filming the making of reverse graffiti
 street art out and about in Thamel,the tourist area here in Kathmandu.
Ren Reklame has also sponsored us with money to get this video
made!! Thanks a lot, guys!

Artist from ArtLab, a group of Nepali street artists are making the artwork 
& we have invited all our friends here in KTM to join in the video & watch the live art performance. 

4 of the artists from ArtLab
in their studio

Carl-Magnus, Anne-Marthes
 brother communicating with Norway (: 

Aditya from ArtLab in action

Let´s make the future so bright,
the kids have to wear shades!

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