Tuesday 17 June 2014


Just before I left for Norway I met
up with Mikaela,
a journalist student of HIOA.
( Høgskulen i Oslo og Akershus)
Mikaela was working on an article
about the state of Norwegian consumer habits

the increasing middle class in
developing countries that also would like
to have their "piece of the materialism cake"

and what can be done to change our habits here in the west.
I showed Mikaela around on the Knitwear factory and
the metal workshop we work with in Nepal
and then we sat down for some Slow Fashion
talk, telling her about the value chain behind our brand
 A/BARENESS & how we try to implement sustainability in
all aspects of our business model.
Read the full story with bigger letters here-
It is in Norwegian...ke garne? 
( What to do as they ask in Nepali) 
Google translate? (: 

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