Friday 26 September 2014

...If you only IMAGINE...

We love streetart! 

Imagine, or Sneha Shrestha which is 
her real name, 
is one of the street artists here
 in Nepal and her art can
 be spotted 
on different walls all around
the Kathmandu valley. 

Her signature style is to write different words
messages in Devanagari using her signature 
calligraphy style. Love it! 

Devanagari is the 
 nepali and (hindu!) alphabet/script
which I know how
to read, all though VEEEEEERY
 like a 6-year old learning to read 
for the very first time. Haha :) 

Check out more from Imagine
on her blog

and her FB- Page her:

Karoline x

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