Thursday 16 October 2014

Blog Action Day #inequality

It's interesting that one of the synonym words for
 inequality is imbalance. 

Time to get things more balanced? 

Nobel peace prize winner Malala & actress Emma Watson

are two strong and inspiring women addressing

this imbalance and taking part in the change.

As Malala commented on winning the peace prize:

"My message to all children: stand up for your rights.
This award is for you"

Malala is not only talking for girls & women. 

She wants education for everyone. 

Equal right for every human being. 

Whenever we think about or talk about inequality

we are most likely to address it as

inequality between the sexes. 

And we all know that the feminist fight has become a 

"negatively" loaded word.

As the actress Emma Watson talks about it in her speech

for the UN and the solidarity movement

"He for She"

it is important

and even depending on everyone,

both men & women, boys & girls

to take action!

If you have yet to hear her important

speech you can find it her: 

the "He for She" Campaign video here: 

We are all responsible to act up and

contribute to a more

balanced world.

To even out the inequalities

 between rich & poor.

To balance the inequalities between the

people in power & those without.

Every voice should be heard.

Blog Action Day is a great initiative to make 

awareness, engage and address 

issues that needs to get more focus, 

and hopefully not only today,

but that we take action whenever we have to possibility

to be part of the change for a 

more balanced & better world for everyone.

So we are ending todays

blogpost with

more words from Malala:

 "This is not the end of this campaign; this is only the beginning. I want to see every child going to school." 

Karoline & Anne-Marthe


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