Saturday 25 October 2014

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What do you want to be when you grow up?
"A helicopter pilot."

"My brother was really sick. 

The village shaman could not treat him.
 He could not walk and he would throw up
 everything he ate.
 I loved him and would cry to see him like that.
I was really afraid I was going to lose him
 as my relatives would say that he
 would not make it.
 Someone suggested that he needed to be treated 
in the hospital before it was too late. 
That is when my father decided to call the helicopter.
 It came in no time and I watched it 
fly away with my brother. 
After a few days I heard the sound of 
the helicopter
 coming from behind the hill and I ran towards it. 
As it landed, I could see my brother
 come out of it. 
He was walking very slowly and seemed weak, 
but I could see that he was ok. 
The pilot came up to me and said
 'You're brother is well now'. 
You can start playing with him in a few days'. 
From that day I have been telling my parents 
that I want to be a helicopter pilot."

- Santosh Lama, Lapu Besi, Gorkha

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