Monday 15 December 2014

// Yak Attack //

A Yak spotted in Nepal in
the Anne Purna Circuit area in Nepal.

The Yak is a long haired bovid
that can be found throughout 
the Himalaya Region,
the Tibetan Plateau and 
in Mongolia & Russia. 

Warm, odour resistant,breathable,
yak fibre.
 Warmer and softer and more luxurious
than merino 
more durable than cashmere.

Tibetans playing "Yak Polo"

Our Jiwan Beanie made of
25 % Yak- and 75 % Merino Wool

** Available in black too **
** Perfect for cold winter days **

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Have a Slow & Fashionable day!

Karoline & Anne-Marthe x 

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