Sunday 8 March 2015

// IWD 2015 //

Did you watch it yet? 

India’s Daughter,

 The highly controversial documentary, 
that focuses on the
 rape case of Jyoti Singh
 who was brutally beaten and raped
 in Delhi in 2012? 

Now banned in India, 
the documentary
has made its way to the
 World Wide Web

Watch it here: 

Since it's 
International Women's Day today
we thought we should share the link 
to this important story as we 
believe that education for everyone is
the key to a greater understanding 
of differences within cultures
and social machinery. 

In Nepal, unfortunately we also experience
 sexual harassment plenty of times.
 This is something that hardly ever 
has happened
 to us when in Norway, 
but in meeting with other people of other 
traditions, culture, mindset. 
As said in this documentary, 
Jyotis parents are quite traditional,
 but they had modern thoughts. 
That's why they choose 
to sell their land anddo everything they could
to get Jyoti an education.
They were often questioned by 
other people why they did this as Jyoti
was clearly a girl and therefor 
it was kind of a waste, 
bur for Jyotis parents she was
their child and as loved if she would be as boy. 

Seems that too many people in this 
world means that being modern/ living a modern life 
is synonymous with going 
against religion and/or traditions 
and do not realize that is might be possible 
to combine? 
Every time I get my ass or my crouch 
( yes, that happens too and it is absolutely horrible!!!)
 grabbed on the street or in a bar, I try to keep calm 
,turn around and then I ask the 
( Undereducated? Supressed? Sexually frustrated?)
 guy if he would like that to happen to his mother or his sister??? 
The answer is mostly no and they get to understand
 what they are doing with something 
they can relate too as often in Nepal
 the men are very protective
 of ( their) women.

 But there are positives too
and just last
year it was the first time we
 saw females
working as waitress in cafes
& bars so changes
are happening here too! 

#equality #heforshe #backoffmybody

Karoline x

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