Saturday 10 October 2015

// COMPASSION IS ..... //

"Every time I went to the train station
 to buy goods,I would see him,
 quietly sitting by the corner. 
He wouldn't be begging. 
I heard a few people say that one day 
he just arrived 
there and has been there since.
 He would eat what the nearby shop-owners 
So one day, I went to talk to him, 
but he didn't answer much. 
He would just utter a few words.
I felt sorry for him. 
So I decided to take him home. 
I tried to find out where he is from but 
no one knew so I assume he has wandered
 a long way. 
It has been six years now and I and my family
 take care him.
 He has become family.
 And we worry if he wanders too far." 

(Sanjay Yadav, Alau Kuniya, Parsa)

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