Monday, 10 September 2018



The 2nd #FashionForOcean Runway Show, 
Pop Up street & Slow Fashion Camp at the 
Passion For Ocean festival 2018 is a wrap!!!!

Wuuuhuuu! Exhausted, but H.A.P.P.Y !

The  #FashionForOcean Runway show
Is all about inspiring people to reuse and rewear fashion or choosing cleaner alternatives; 
All clothes are from small Norwegian brands or designers, mixed up with

2nd hand or vintage items from Red Cross 2ndhand + Fretex Redesign + rental fashion items from & handmade Slow Fashion jewellery
Months of planning, connecting with business owners, initiativtakers and people with a genuin interest of contributing to
a more sustainable, clean and fair fashion industry 
really paid off! 

This was the 3.year The Passion For Ocean Festival was arranged in Oslo. 
The main festival area is in front of the colorful Snøhetta Architecture Office, the models do their walk off a huge sailboat, with the Oslo Fjord as the perfect backdrop!

I had even more great people helping me out both backstage and frontstage than last year and without these “Green saints” this day would not have been as successful, so a big NAMASTE and hola out to all of you for contributing to the most important festival in Norway! (At least that’s my opinion..! ) 

Resent research and analysis gives strong indicators that the production and the way we 
use/ clean our fashion-& textile items turns out to be
 one of the MAIN reasons for the high levels of microplastic in our oceans!! 
AND it gets into your tap water too... 
Turns out we are not only what we eat, but also what we wear..

Join us you too? 

#FashionForOcean #LovedClothesLast #ReuseFashion
#FashionRevolution #Tavaha #PassionForocean
#CoolKidsNeedCleanWater //

for info & inspo :)

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