Thursday 4 September 2014

★ The Future is In Our Hands ★

Would you like to pay a bit 
more for your clothes than
 you do today?

Did you know that the price level of clothing
in Norway today is the same as in the 80's?

That basically means that the level of the salaries of
the workers in
the production countries basically has not
increased their salaries in any mentionable
 amount in decades.

Would you be satiesfied if your salary did not increase
at all for that long a time while the
living costs in your country is getting
 higher and higher?


Neither do we and that is one of the reasons
 why we work with Slow Fashion
also why we have signed up
for the awareness campaign 
 "Fremtiden i våre hender"
a Norwegian Environmental Organization, 
showing our will
to pay more for each garment. 

You can also take part by
clicking the link below to sign up-
It will only cost you max 20 sec of your time
to show that you care and that you also
think it is about time that
fashion becomes fair-
especially for the workers at
the production units!

Together we can make a better future!

Slow Fashion love
from Karoline & Anne-Marthe x

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