Monday 1 September 2014


When we went to Maya Universe 
Academy to make further plans for 
our "Give Back" project, I had
a nice morning moment with 
one of the families living next to
the spider- infested room in the mud house 
I was staying in. 
(Thank God I had a mosquito net
to protect me! Not that afraid of spiders, but 
fist size spiders 10 cm above the bed? 
Eeehem,no thanks ;) 

The last day I was there
it was Nepali mother's day 
 & I had some
fruits that I wanted to give the
neighbor family. 
The mother told me her husband died a few years back
so she was alone taking care of the 2 kids.
I let the kiddo borrow my camera
& he took plenty of pics of his mother.
When I had a look at the pictures after
I really think he captured different
emotions of what it's like
to be a mother & a single parent; 

 The responsibility- The concerns- 
The hard work, but then again- The joy!

Simply beautiful.  

 Next week we are meeting up with one of the 
founders of Maya Universe
 here in Kathmandu to make further plans for 
our project; 

bio gas toilets for the students, teachers, 
the volunteers & all the 
other ones contributing at the
school- it's about
100 people using the 1 toilet they got-
EVERY DAY!! And the
closest water source is literally a 
10 minute
hike away as you have to climb a small
hilltop to get to the water tap.

Can you even imagine?  

You can read more about our project here: 

Karoline x

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