Friday 3 October 2014


Happy Dashain
to all our
Nepali co-workers & friends!

What is Dashain you wonder?

It is the most important festival/holiday
in Nepal- it is not only
the longest festival, but also the
most anticipated one.
 The most common comparison
is to compare it to our
Christmas holiday
as it is all about family gatherings
& food,
but less of the gifts...

Dashain symbolizes the victory
of good over evil and the main
Goddess worshiped by the Hindu Nepali people
 is Shakti,the Goddess of power
or empowerment, but the
Newari tribe & buddhist Nepali people
have different Gods & rituals.

These days the factory &
Metal Workshop are
closed and we are gonna take
some time of as well and take part
in the festival; 

Tomorrow we are going to our Nepali
families house to
make puja( blessings ).

Will post more pics later on.
Btw, the pics are from the Metal Workshop
and we are captured with some of
 the metal smiths 

that are making all the A/BARENESS
Jewellery. Hope they all get a great holiday! :)

Karoline & Anne-Marthe x

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