Wednesday 1 October 2014

★ Style Inspo ★

It is always interesting and inspiring
to see how the fashion stylists put together
outfits & how they choose to combine
our designs!

Like the way the stylist has combined 
our wide "Aakar" Bracelet, which
shape is actually the outlines of the
map of Nepal 
and our "Himanchal" hilltop bracelet. 

And the best thing is that you do not 

necessarily need to buy the same clothes
accessories to 
create a similar look. 
Usually it is the silhouette and the
combination of different structured
fabrics, your favorite colors and/or patterns
and finally to top it off with your own
personality that creates a nice outfit
 great personal style, 
rather than copying directly. 

I have now been on a "Shopping Time-Out"
for the whole of 2014 
and it truly makes me more creative with what
I already got in my closet, but also 
more true to my own style, even
though my outfits do vary from 
just casual, 
to casual chic, sometimes more rock chic
then again I occasionally feel like 
dressing up in more feminine outfit too.

I've been on a "Shopping Time-Out" before 
& I realize now doing it for the
2nd time that it really makes
me re-connect with my clothes even more
than before. 
Good feeling! You might want to try it too :)  

Karoline x

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