Sunday 15 March 2015


Ama means mother and 
hajur ama
 means grandmother in Nepali
 it is common to
 call your your non family members,
 and then
 I  also mean total strangers, 
'younger brother', 
'older sister'
 and so on. 
It is a very nice tradition, 
but sometimes
also a bit confusing, like 
which sister are they actually 
talking about? 

So when photographer Jay,
"Stories of Nepal" 
met this beautiful, 
 Nepali women, 
he started off by
saying 'ama' and then; 

Can I take your picture?

"Yes you can. 

There are younger people around
 the next turn. 
Maybe you want to take there picture 
 What do you see in
 an old women like me?"

- Kanchi Khatri, Farpur, Dhading

See more pics & stories from 
Nepal here:

And remember that you are 
never fully dressed without a smile (: 

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