Monday 27 May 2013



Living in Nepal water shortage is a reality in our everyday life. 
The spring water is of such poor quality that we can not drink it and often there is no water in our taps or in the shower... Boiling water and bucket showers is almost an everyday activity.
 And we are among the lucky ones who have running water! 

Tyler McMahon in action..and in need of a shower! 

We have created a good social and business network in Nepal and Tyler McMahon is one of the people we go mountain biking with all the time. 
Tyler is very dedicated to his work and shares A/BARENESS vision to make a difference when it comes to environmental issues. 

We met up with him for a quick Q & A about "SmartPaani"s work and his thoughts about the water situation in Nepal :

A/ BARENESS:  When did you and your partners start SmartPaani in Nepal?

Tyler: In September 2011

A/ BARENESS:  Why do you want to work with rainwater harvesting and water filtration? Why do you think it is important?

 Tyler: Water is a serious problem in Nepal, despite “abundant” water resources. The steep geography of the country means that most settlements are away from water sources. Kathmandu itself has no rivers that are fed by snowmelt and all sources right now are heavily contaminated. However the amount of rain is immense and rainwater harvesting can contribute to solving the problem. Well -designed filtration systems at low costs with minimal energy requirements and simple maintenance will go a long way toward providing clean water and contributing to a livable future.

A/ BARENESS: How far have you come since you started?

 Tyler: We recently installed our 100th system and are seeing steady growth. We have installed systems in 17 schools providing water to thousands of students as well along with recharging millions of liters of clean, previously wasted, rainwater into the groundwater supply. People said they would be surprised if we did get to install 50 systems, we’ve already more than doubled expectations; all without outside assistance.

A/ BARENESS:  What is your vision for the future?

 Tyler: We plan on getting into the wastewater treatment sector as well since wastewater is a huge source of contamination and a major health hazard and nuisance. On the water supply side, we hope to continue to grow supplying rainwater harvesting and biosand filtration systems throughout Nepal and especially providing clean water to schools. OPS as a company is also expanding into the energy sector, specifically into “unconventional” sources of alternative energy.

Tyler in deep thoughts after we visited Maya Universe Academy, the school we are going to support to begin with. What kind of water projects will benefit MUA the most?
Photo: Niranjan Shrestha

A/ BARENESS:  What impact do you think the collaboration with A/ BARENESS will have on your work and for people in Nepal?

 Tyler: I think companies like A/bareness partnering with us and installing water systems in schools will set a model for Nepal. As a company we are committed to providing clean water to schools using environmentally friendly systems. We guarantee our systems and go above and beyond making sure the system last a long time in schools. Companies like A/bareness that contribute to supply clean water to schools are not only purchasing clean water, but also committed technical support, educational presentations and creating jobs in Nepal while doing so.

 We are so looking forward to get more projects started and we will keep posting updates. You can read more about Maya Universe Academy and our cause on our webpage and support our cause by buying our products:

Slow Fashion Love from Karoline & Anne-Marthe 

Saturday 25 May 2013


             THE SKY IS BLUE
Wearing A/ BARENESS "THOPA" Tie Drop Necklace.
 In our webshop from Monday 27th of May

Happy Weekend!  

Tuesday 21 May 2013


"All that Glitters is not Gold, it is Brass"

 A/ BARENESS Jewellery is Handmade in Nepal with love. Our jewellery is mainly made of brass with silver hooks for all earrings regarding allergy.Here you see our "Thopa" Tie Drop Necklace, 500 NOK.

From top left- Our chains come in 3 different lengths and thicknesses,
 prices from 200 - 300 NOK. Here you see one of them decorated with our "Vani" Tassel Pendant, 250 NOK.

 "Yuvani" Earrings that can go from day to night by adding our tassel pendants for more swuuung.

 "Thopa" Tie Drop Necklace, 500 NOK. Tie it as you like in front or combine it with a dress or a top with on open back?

And at last "Rani", our 2 piece adjustable stack ring, 500 NOK. Use it on one finger, separete it and use it on two different fingers or keep one part & give the other part to a loved one.

Different styles from the A/ BARENESS Jewellery Collection. 
Some designs also come in a raw dark grey oxy color.
 Will be available all over Norway trough our webshop 
that opens very soon. Stay tuned. 

Moodpics by Sworup Ranjit

Sunday 19 May 2013


  M A Y A   =   L O V E

Maya means love in Nepali. Maya Universe Academy is the first free privat shool for children in Nepal. In return the children´s parents help out at the school with all different kinds of things 2 days a month.  A/ BARENESS will support Maya Universe with 5 NOK for each product sold. That money will go directly back to Nepal to install equipment for different water projects & dry toilets. This will help the teachers and the guys behind MUA being able to focus more on their jobs and the whole community gain more from the natural resources in the area in a sustainable way.

2 of the super cute pupils we met when we visited 
Maya Universe Academy 

 Small bungalows have been built to function like classrooms as the main building is already occupied with other activities. Here you see Manjil Rana, one of the founders and teachers at Maya Universe Academy, in action. 

Maya Universe Mantra

Wisdom words at Maya Universe


Important words for both children and grown-ups

Maya Love Artwork

After some months we will go back to visit all the 55 kids at MUA and we are so looking forward to it! 
One of our projects is starting up these days
 we will tell you more about that soon. 

Love from Karoline & Anne-Marthe

Saturday 18 May 2013


We are finally ready to start sharing our inspirations, philosophies, challenges, thoughts on fashion & what makes us happy ( and not so happy…! ) from our everyday life running our brand A/ BARENESS, a Slow Fashion brand based in Norway & Nepal.

As it is said “Sharing is Caring” and we will highly appreciate your feedback, comments & questions. 

Feel free to contact us at You can also visit our website to read more about our brand, our cause and to see our products, all
made in Nepal with love. 

Have a fashionable day!

Karoline & Anne-Marthe x

Wednesday 8 May 2013

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