Saturday 29 March 2014



Couple of weeks back I was hired to do makeup & hair for sweet Lena and Sudips's BIG wedding day.

I met up at Hotel Vajra 6.30 AM(!)and amongst friends of the bride, saris, jewellery, shoes & flowers, I did the brides hair and makeup, before she was swirled & draped into a beautiful, red sari,jewellery on the forehead, around the wrists, ankles & neck- It is all in the details! 
 We managed to get the bride ready, but then turned out the groom was running late. 
Just another traffic jam here in Kathmandu. 
What to say? This is Nepal ;) 

Friends and family had helped building & decorating a small tempel in the hotel garden for the main ceremony to be held.
 It was a beautiful, sunny spring day &fresh flowers & colorful prayer flags,dancing people,BlingBling & live music.
And this was at 11 AM (: 

From 5 PM we had one short hour to redo Lena's hair & make for the evening reception. 
I stayed and enjoyed the party for some time,
 then at 9 PM I was back in my bed. 

Great day, happy vibes!
I love my job! 

* All the best to Lena & Sudip *

x Karoline

Wednesday 26 March 2014


Today is the day for the monthly gathering at 
the Norwegian Embassy & they always serve
Norwegian Style of Waffels or
'Vafler' as we say in Norwegian!

Sometimes, but only sometimes 
it is nice to get a little taste of home after spending months here in Nepal and oh; Anne-Marthe's 
youngest brother Calle is coming to Nepal 
Maybe he is bringing some tasty gifts from the far-far-away land as well? 
Together with Calle & the street artists from ArtLab 
we are going to wrap up some interesting
 projects we have been working on for some time-
It is almost too exiting! 


xxx Karoline & Anne-Marthe 

You can see some of ArtLabs work here:

Random pic of random street art in Kathmandu

Wednesday 19 March 2014


The Norwegian magazine VIXEN has 
us amongst other Scandinavian 
Jewellery Desingers
 in their latest issue;

Problems reading the interview? 
Bigger font available here: 

Tuesday 11 March 2014


It is springtime in Kathmandu (: 
This Sunday we just strolled around with some friends
and snapped photos of random stuff and inspiring stuff. 
 Had sweet & sour tea 
(Hot lemon with sugar and salt)
at the "secret" buddhist stupa close to Assan 
hang out with the local kids.

* Lovely day with lovely people *