Wednesday 29 October 2014

// Life in Nepal //

Snapshots from Swayambhunath,
also called The monkey temple.
This is one of the most popular temples in 
the KTM Valley. 
It is actually one big Buddhist Stupa
( first pic ) 
several smaller traditional Hindu temples
gathered together on a hill top. 

Locals, tourists & lovebirds
 go here to pray and make blessings
or just to enjoy the view over Kathmandu 
sunrise or sunset. 

Read more about Swayambhu here: 

Leaving Nepal on Sunday and 
I think I would have to drop by
this spot for 
one last sunrise before
Norway is calling. 

Karoline x

Saturday 25 October 2014

Stories Of Nepal ♥ Education ♥

What do you want to be when you grow up?
"A helicopter pilot."

"My brother was really sick. 

The village shaman could not treat him.
 He could not walk and he would throw up
 everything he ate.
 I loved him and would cry to see him like that.
I was really afraid I was going to lose him
 as my relatives would say that he
 would not make it.
 Someone suggested that he needed to be treated 
in the hospital before it was too late. 
That is when my father decided to call the helicopter.
 It came in no time and I watched it 
fly away with my brother. 
After a few days I heard the sound of 
the helicopter
 coming from behind the hill and I ran towards it. 
As it landed, I could see my brother
 come out of it. 
He was walking very slowly and seemed weak, 
but I could see that he was ok. 
The pilot came up to me and said
 'You're brother is well now'. 
You can start playing with him in a few days'. 
From that day I have been telling my parents 
that I want to be a helicopter pilot."

- Santosh Lama, Lapu Besi, Gorkha

For more stories go to
© Stories of Nepal

Monday 20 October 2014

★ N E W // KNITWEAR // N O W ★

Ta Daaah! 

The new handmade A/BARENESS knitwear
designs has  
 finally made it from Nepal
to Norway! 
We are excited and happy to show 
you what we and the team
in Nepal have been working with
lately :) 

You can have a closer look,  
get all details 

buy online here: 

Slow fashion love from 

Anne-Marthe, Karoline 


Sunday 19 October 2014


Maya Universe Academy kids &
one of the volunteers during class.
Do you want to know more about The Maya school model,
how they
provide the kids with free
education and "meet"
Surya & Manjil,
the social entrepreneurs & founders
of the school?

They made a short'n sweet movie for you:

Manjil talking at Ted Talks

If you have any questions or thinking about
coming to Nepal to volunteer at Maya
, don't hesitate to contact us. 
There are plenty of opportunities 
and plenty of things that could be
in need of your helping hand.


Karoline & Anne-Marthe x

Thursday 16 October 2014

Blog Action Day #inequality

It's interesting that one of the synonym words for
 inequality is imbalance. 

Time to get things more balanced? 

Nobel peace prize winner Malala & actress Emma Watson

are two strong and inspiring women addressing

this imbalance and taking part in the change.

As Malala commented on winning the peace prize:

"My message to all children: stand up for your rights.
This award is for you"

Malala is not only talking for girls & women. 

She wants education for everyone. 

Equal right for every human being. 

Whenever we think about or talk about inequality

we are most likely to address it as

inequality between the sexes. 

And we all know that the feminist fight has become a 

"negatively" loaded word.

As the actress Emma Watson talks about it in her speech

for the UN and the solidarity movement

"He for She"

it is important

and even depending on everyone,

both men & women, boys & girls

to take action!

If you have yet to hear her important

speech you can find it her: 

the "He for She" Campaign video here: 

We are all responsible to act up and

contribute to a more

balanced world.

To even out the inequalities

 between rich & poor.

To balance the inequalities between the

people in power & those without.

Every voice should be heard.

Blog Action Day is a great initiative to make 

awareness, engage and address 

issues that needs to get more focus, 

and hopefully not only today,

but that we take action whenever we have to possibility

to be part of the change for a 

more balanced & better world for everyone.

So we are ending todays

blogpost with

more words from Malala:

 "This is not the end of this campaign; this is only the beginning. I want to see every child going to school." 

Karoline & Anne-Marthe


Tuesday 14 October 2014

★ S.C.R.E.A.M ★

The street art scene in the Kathmandu
valley is exploding & cycling around
we are spotting new colorful & inspiring
 art every day! 
This one was a bit more 
familiar to my eye though as 
it is different styles
of replicates of
famous piece of art 
"The Scream"  
by the Norwegian painter 
Edward Munch

I'm sure Mr. Munch himself,
would have love to 
see this piece
on a otherwise grey
concrete wall in the middle
of Kathmandu city anno 2014. 

Do you like street art too? 

Follow us & share your
favorite street art 
on Pinterest? 

Karoline & Anne-Marthe x

Sunday 12 October 2014

♥ Stories Of Nepal ♥

Do you have any regrets?
“I never got a chance to go to school. 
I had to help my mother with the household. 
And I learned many things from helping her. 
Also from taking care of my siblings, 
the house, the animals.

 That was my education.Life was my education.

 My only regret is that 
I could not go to school. 
No girls went to school then.”

- Sanu Kanchi Tamang, Agitaar, Nuwakot

For more stories go to
© Stories of Nepal

Thursday 9 October 2014


Here you see Dharma Dudraj in action.
 He is one of the "seniors" at 
the metal workshop we collaborate with 
him in Nepal and here he
is working on one
 of our 
new silver designs to be
 launched in Norway
in 2015. 

****Handmade is Heartmade****

Slow Fashion Love
from Anne-Marthe & Karoline

Tuesday 7 October 2014

Lucky one?

Just try to remember to be happy for
the small things and if you are
amongst the lucky & fortunate ones,
maybe there is something
you can do for somebody
elses fortune? 

Sunday 5 October 2014


Been going trough some old pictures
so here's a
small selection of some random shots
from back in 2010.

Enjoy and hope you find 

some of the pics funny too..
Going left? ;)

Karoline x

Friday 3 October 2014


Happy Dashain
to all our
Nepali co-workers & friends!

What is Dashain you wonder?

It is the most important festival/holiday
in Nepal- it is not only
the longest festival, but also the
most anticipated one.
 The most common comparison
is to compare it to our
Christmas holiday
as it is all about family gatherings
& food,
but less of the gifts...

Dashain symbolizes the victory
of good over evil and the main
Goddess worshiped by the Hindu Nepali people
 is Shakti,the Goddess of power
or empowerment, but the
Newari tribe & buddhist Nepali people
have different Gods & rituals.

These days the factory &
Metal Workshop are
closed and we are gonna take
some time of as well and take part
in the festival; 

Tomorrow we are going to our Nepali
families house to
make puja( blessings ).

Will post more pics later on.
Btw, the pics are from the Metal Workshop
and we are captured with some of
 the metal smiths 

that are making all the A/BARENESS
Jewellery. Hope they all get a great holiday! :)

Karoline & Anne-Marthe x