Saturday 26 September 2015


'With every journey I embark on,
I discover new things about Nepal
and her beautiful people.
 A deep sense of realization as to how
I have taken Nepal for granted many times.
 And it is only through travel will I unlearn
what has been fed to me.
Recently, I have been walking
 the western hills of Nepal,
talking to people and taking pictures.
 A few of these villages are quite remote,
 but pristine.
 The n
ature here is a feast to the eyes
and the people are holy
- innocent, welcoming and resilient.
Amidst all hardship of poverty,
years of neglect,
social ills and unfriendly geography,
 they still prevail with their
heartfelt stories of daily struggles
and there hopes and dreams.
What will follow is my experience
of talking and listening to their stories

Some laughter shared,
some songs sung
some tears shed.'
Words & Pic by Jay Poudal,our friend and the guy behind
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Tuesday 22 September 2015


Here's to progress! 
After 65 years "In the making" 
Nepal has finally got a constitution. 


Even if not everyone are
content with the new constitution, 
we think it's at huge leap for a more united 

You can read more here:

Sunday 20 September 2015


"When the food runs out,
I go to the
of the village
and ask them if I can borrow some rice.
 I tell them,
'I will repay if I can, but if in case
 I am not able to,
you can take away my land.
But I hope you won't take away
my land.'"
(Ram Bahadur Kumal, Kewul, Gulmi)

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Thursday 17 September 2015


Finally found a new supplier of the 
semi precious stones we use
for our designs. 


 Thank you Stone Heritage in
Jaipur, India 
for starting collaborating
with us!

The stones used on this 
lot is from a local supplier
in Nepal, but 
future productions 
will hopefully be more smooth as
we now can order
directly from Jaipur too (: 

Just received the top pic of
our Jagat Pendant from
the metal workshop in Nepal.
This beautiful
"Moonstone in a Cage"
will hopefully
reach Norway end September.
Will let you know.

Slow Fashion Love
Karoline & Anne-Marthe

Wednesday 16 September 2015

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Sunday 13 September 2015

// KIDS //

What do you like about your sister?
"She gives me sweets."
What do you like about your brother?
"His happiness."

We <3 this pic & this story.
You like it too?
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Thursday 3 September 2015