Tuesday 17 June 2014


Just before I left for Norway I met
up with Mikaela,
a journalist student of HIOA.
( Høgskulen i Oslo og Akershus)
Mikaela was working on an article
about the state of Norwegian consumer habits

the increasing middle class in
developing countries that also would like
to have their "piece of the materialism cake"

and what can be done to change our habits here in the west.
I showed Mikaela around on the Knitwear factory and
the metal workshop we work with in Nepal
and then we sat down for some Slow Fashion
talk, telling her about the value chain behind our brand
 A/BARENESS & how we try to implement sustainability in
all aspects of our business model.
Read the full story with bigger letters here-
It is in Norwegian...ke garne? 
( What to do as they ask in Nepali) 
Google translate? (: 

Monday 9 June 2014


It's about time to invite you for our very first
Pop up Shop in Oslo this summer!

Clou Hair Salon is located on street level
on the opposite side of Youngstorvet from
 the cafe/bar
 Internasjonalen & Kulturhuset.

Clou Hair Salon is also a retailer of 
 selected styles of the
A/BARENESS Jewellery
all year round, so feel free to drop by this
charming Salon
even if you are not looking for a haircut.

See you! 

Karoline & Anne-Marthe x
Pssst! Don't forget that you can buy the
 whole knitwear & jewellery collection
from our Norwegian based Webshop: 


Thursday 5 June 2014


Photographer Maja in action.

Norwegian lunch style definitely do not
include chapatis, rice & curries.
It's nice with some change (; 

It was a sunny day so we brought our lunch outside
They were shooting food pics in the same
studio that day, so we got to taste
some of it! Focaccia bread with apple? Oh yes! 

Styling rings in silver, dark oxy silver & brass

Ready, steady, SHOOT! 

Caught between poses. Muhahahhaha (; 

Don't forget to visit our webshop. 
We are shipping within Norway with 
Bring/Posten and are soon
launching world wide shipping
with FedEx. 

Or you can visit our retailers or one of
our Pop Up shops-

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Tuesday 3 June 2014


Good morning World! 

Tuesday it is & today we shooting pictures
on model of our newly launched
 silver designs.

Photo shoot = FUN DAY!

Especially when you know there will be 
a good team on set (; 

Gotta run- You can follow us on Instagram for 
more behind the scenes pics 

Have a grrreat Tuesday you too! 

Karoline & Anne-Marthe x

Monday 2 June 2014


Hello again Mr. Inbox. I wish to see a message 
like this again one day...
Maybe after some more weeks?
Will I ever get to receive it again??   
Meanwhile we will busy with a bunch of 
other activities. Being back in Norway 
is very hectic but super nice, even though it means
I never see the message from Mr.Inbox these days.
The pic above is actually an old screenshot
 from a time where I was 
thinking about writing about how nice a feeling it is
when you have reached or dived into
 the very end of your inbox.
Hahhaha- Those days are gone, but A/BARENESS
is growing day by day, so a big
to that instead! 


More info on our soon to happen Pop Up Shops
 very soon!

Karoline x