Saturday 28 September 2013


                                Beauty with a Purpose


Local nepali women in Jumla, a rural district 
in the western part of Nepal, 
PROJECT SMILE NEPAL's free dental camp.

One of the ideas behind this project is to start 
teaching the women about oral hygiene-
If you teach a mother something 
she will pass on the knowledge to her whole family

Miss Nepal 2013, Ishani Shrestha won the title

 "Beauty with a purpose" 

in the Miss World 2013 contest. 

The most important
 price to be won if you ask us.

Ishani is a dentist herself and takes part in the


 SMILE NEPAL aims to make awareness about the importance 
of oral hygiene and  
 free dental camps for nepali people- 

One smile at the time.

You can watch the 5 minute video about this
 important & inspiring project here: 

Friday 20 September 2013


             BLACK FRIDAY 

Autumn is here, but the sun is still warming &
even though we miss spring and summer
 it is something special whith those
 -Oh- so- crispy- Autumn days.

Only thing is that it can be quite difficult to dress
between seasons as the temperature varies a lot. 

That's why we designed the
A/BARENESS superfine knits.

The ASTHA Tank top is in a soft blend of
cashmere/ silk
 the BELA Jumper is in 100& Merino.

Both styles and Jewellery available in our webshop


* Have a lovely weekend *


Tuesday 17 September 2013



Do you wonder what SLOW FASHION is?

 Take a look at this short movie

about Fast Fashion-

A/BARENESS aims to be the opposite of Fast Fashion
 we hope you as a consumer will appreciate the difference.

Happy Conscious Shopping!

Thursday 12 September 2013


                                       BANDHA = STRIKE

If you stay in Nepal, the meaning of "Bandha" will most likely be one of the first words you get to know.

Bhandha is originally a Hindi word meaning "closed" and it is a form of protest/ general strike used by both political activists or civil people protesting against the government regarding fuel prices, unfairness in the legal "system", non existing systems and....the list can go on forever... 

During a serious bandha, a lot of general activities are shut down-  
Most affected are shopkeepers who are expected to keep their shops closed, as well as public transport operators of buses and cabs who are expected to stay off the road and not carry passengers. 

If they don't agree to these terms the people organizing the strike might use violence and demand bribes.

It is not that we think strike is not a valuable tool
 when or if negotiations has stagnated, but here in Nepal it's beeing used all the time and because of that it might have lost it's purposes? 

Anyways, this is part of our everyday life and usually the demonstrations are quite peaceful...elections are coming up in Nepal in November so most likely it will be a lot of strikes pre-election..
We are going to Norway end October so it will not affect us too much- It is a lot worse for all the nepali people having to shut down their businesses and losing income even if they are not taking part in the strike.

We wish for political stability and a better future in Nepal.
It will happen eventually.

Peace out...

Love from Karoline & Anne-Marthe 

Thursday 5 September 2013


              S O H O 
      We wish SOHO welcome as a new retailer of
the A/BARENESS Jewellery

YAY (: 

We delivered a bunch of our jewellery to SOHO yesterday & it's a lovely little shop, 
so check it out if you have the chance! 

   SOHO newly reopened and we love their mix of different brands and that they are offering jewellery, clothes, shoes & interior. 

The shop is located at Nesodden,
 a small peninsula just outside of Oslo, 
 which is were we grew up, became friends
started the story of our lives. 

Thursday 31st of October we will be at SOHO and Anne-Marthe & I will show you our newest pieces of jewellery & tell the story behind A/BARENESS.

Maybe we'll se you there? 

Love from Karoline & Anne-Marthe

Faceboook: SOHO Nesoddtangen 
All pics copyright @SOHO