Wednesday 28 May 2014


Almost every Friday we get an e-mail from our
PR agency in Norway with the latest
 pics of different styles of
A/BARENESS designs that have been featured
in various magazines & media here in Norway.

It's a great way to "end" our never ending
week,  and we are so happy & grateful that
so many out there likes our designs
& the story of our brand.

Thanks to all of you we have collected
1000 USD to our GIVE BACK project
and soon starting building
the new toilets at
Maya Universe Academy.

More about that very VERY soon!

Karoline & Anne-Marthe x

Read more about the Give Back project here:

Sunday 25 May 2014


We all live under the same sun 
kids are kids anywhere 
you go...
gotta love them! 
Always makes us smile those little

Some of the pupils at
Maya Universe Academy are staying at the
 school even though it is not
 a boarding school.
Like little Ujwal in green sitting 
on my lap. 

The day these pics were taken was 
Mothers Day in Nepal 
and Ujwal and his older brother
were told by Manjil, the founder of Maya
and basically all these kids 2nd father, 
that in the evening they would get to 
 borrow his cellphone 
to call their mother.  

You can just imagine how their eyes 
sparkled like firework in the dark!!

All the small things 
makes life worth living
AND loving. 

Karoline & Anne-Marthe x

Wednesday 21 May 2014


Maybe it is not about winning or
Cause you always learn something even 
though it sometimes might feel
a bit meaningless, right?

It is all about the process and the babysteps 
we are all taking when doing things
we have not done before.
Like running ( literally speaking!) our own brand and business... 
And what a great roller coaster it is! ;) 

Our business model and focus on
 and our 'Give Back' 
project definitely gives 
a lot of meaning. 
That said it is
not always easy to stay top motivated 
and disiplined being your own boss and
To see the increasing traffic
here on the blog, 
sales in our webshop 
and receive good 
feedback from lovely people like YOU
always brings us back on track! 
So thanks a lot, for following
It really means the world to us!

x Karoline & Anne-Marthe

Monday 19 May 2014


Our webshop & storage is based in Oslo
 and for now we only ship within
Norway, but soon we open up for
world wide shipping- Wuuuhuuu (:

Just need to figure it all out and
you will be one of the first one
we tell about it! 
Meanwhile you can check out
all our designs here: 

x Karoline & Anne-Marthe

Sunday 11 May 2014



It's springtime in Oslo!

 Just came back to Norway
 1 week ago and the contrast between dusty,
 noisy, colorful Kathmandu and 
clean, peaceful and somehow slightly grey Oslo is 
both extremely noticeable and very interesting! 
Love the flower beds though!!

The small things. Simple joy. Simple living.

Watched this short video some weeks ago and it's 
all about the small things & the beauty of life.

Enjoy it here you too:  

Wednesday 7 May 2014


Today it is exactly one year
since we
launched our brand A/BARENESS
 here at 
Spalt PR,
our PR Agency here in Oslo, Norway 
one of the
leading PR agencies within
the fashion & lifestyle segment
in Scandinavia. 

Spalt PR is representing different brands
 like Adidas, Tow Wood, Cecilie Melli, 
Thomas Sabo,
Vagabond, Tissot & our brand
 A/BARENESS amongst others.
It was super nice to see our new silver 
jewellery line & our classic
brass/copper/white metal designs
 displayed in their 

The A/BARENESS Jewellery down
 to the left & right. 
Forgot to take pics of the knitwear...
Thank you Spalt PR, and a special thanks
 to Daniel

 for the excellent follow up & advice we have
gotten so far! It is a pleasure
working with


x Karoline & Anne-Marthe