Tuesday 29 July 2014

Hands on!

Just got another sample of our
yet to be launched 
Lalana Scarf.
This scarf is hand spun
& handknitted 
by a nepali woman in a village here in 
Kathmandu Valley.

 I could really smell that it had 
been made in the countryside so we will 
have to wash it once before we send it from Nepal
 to Norway.  
Somehow I wish you 
could get a to feel that authentic 
smell too.

Hoping to go and visit the women 
group after some weeks 
& show you more of the process 
behind who made your
A/BARENESS Knitwear.

Monsoon greetings from Nepal

Saturday 26 July 2014



* Playfulness fuels creativity *

Have a funny weekend!

Karoline & Anne-Marthe x

Monday 21 July 2014

How to re- oxidize your jewellery?

Our RANI stack ring oxy color.
This is how it looks like when it is 
brand new.....

....and this is the same ring
after being worne for some time....

Dark oxydized jewellery will loose 
color over time. That is just how it is. 

Want to bring the dark color back? 
And in an eco friendly way?  

You can do it you  home and it is super easy and almost for 

free. You will pretty much only be in need of
a couple of boiled eggs and Tupperware box. 

The first time I tried it I am not sure what went wrong, 
but the ring didn't darken that much
 and you do not want to let your jewellery stay in that box
 for too long... 
I waited like 1,5 day and as we all know, 
the smell of rotten eggs is, yeah, 
really REALLY disgusting!!! 
Hahha, almost had to leave the apartment for
the rest of the day (; 
But the 2nd time I tried it out and I just chopped
the eggs a bit, putting them in the box with the egg whites
it only took between 4-6 hours as described in the 2nd link 
 ( In the 2nd link there are also some techniques by using chemicals, but we prefer the eco-way ) 


Oxidized brass should not be cleaned with chemicals as that can remove the oxidazion itself. Just use buffing cloth if you want your piece to shine a bit more. 


You can deliver your jewellery to a goldsmith and they can re- oxydize it for you.

Don't forget that you can always write to 
us if any questions or feed back?! 

Karoline & Anne-Marthe x

Thursday 17 July 2014

Sweden Summary

Stockholm on it's best

Got a new camera. Oh so sharp pics! Happy Happy! 

Stockholm Selfie;
Catching the "red eye" from Oslo to Stockholm + a lot of wind
= Funny Hair Day (: 


On Friday I was in beautiful Stockholm, 
walked around taking in the vibe &
 searching for cool shops 
that could be a possible match for
I also visited the 4 shops I had 
on my list from before.
One of the shops already placed an order so I had 
to celebrate with a beer in the sun.
More about Stockholm and our new retailer 
later on- now off
to the metal workshop here in Nepal!
See ya! 

Karoline x

Friday 11 July 2014

Working Holiday?

While I(and you?)were dreaming about
some easy breezy days by the 
ocean, the Norwegian magazine
Det Nye have been out traveling
making fashion editorials and using
our Ambu bracelet in 
the styling. Yay! 
Thank you!

Today I am in Stockholm, visiting
potential retailers and meeting
up with @johanneswe, a 
swedish jewellery designer also
focusing on slow fashion, fair trade
 and sustainability.
She's been in business since 2009
and to see how far she has come by now
was a pure inspiration and motivation refill!

Who needs a holiday now??
Not me ;)

Wired and pumped about going back to
Nepal and have a closer look at the 
designs we are going to add to 
our collection in 2015. 
Will post some sneak a peaks from the knitwear 
factory & the metal workshop.

Landing in Kathmandu Monday morning.
Happy weekend to you!

Karoline x

Monday 7 July 2014


Want to know more about ethical fashion and
the stories behind the brands??

You can click into one of our online


They aim to be a platform of ethical fashion
to make it easier for the consumer to
navigate in the fashion jungle;
You want to buy fashion that empowers women?
Or focus especially on water solutions
or labour welfare?

Check out


Happy conscious
slow fashion shopping (:

Tuesday 1 July 2014


Dressing up with flower prints
doesn't necessarily make cute-
 Mixing up
classic clean cut garments with simple 
accessories & our vintage inspired
Inu Ring for some true

This article is from the fashion
section of a Norwegian newspaper
named Finansavisen so they
mainly write about economy and
a dash of fashion. 

Maybe you already got
similar styles in your wardrobe?
I got inspired for some true POWER dressing!

Today I'm halfway trough my 1 year
Feels really liberating and the list of 
what I think I"need" for my wardrobe
 is still less than 5 items. 

Can't believe I lost my denim jacket just before 
I left KTM and as I 
was using it a lot is is truly missed. 
Maybe this is the 
one thing I will buy in 2015 as it "has to be"
Hmmmm...gotta think about that one. 


Be inspired! I am!

Karoline x

And the Inu ring is available in our
webshop here: