Wednesday 12 June 2013



We are excited to tell you that you can find the A / BARENESS Jewellery line at BINDI,
  a supernice shop in Asker, Norway.

They already have a bunch of norwegian & international brands that we are big fans of ourselves like Norwegian Rain, Bjørg Jewellery & Edun
amongst others.

 Check out their homepage for more information.

Happy Days (:

Ashta Tanktop Naturwhite in Silk/ Cashmere
 & Jewellery by A / BARENESS

Black Ashta Tanktop by A / BARENESS

Maliha Rings by A / BARENESS 

Balwant Cuff Bracelet & Ambu Bracelet by A / BARENESS.
Have a fashionable day!

One Love from A / BARENESS girlsa

Wednesday 5 June 2013


    R E D U S E    R E U S E    R E C Y C L E

Today is World Environment Day


 A/ BARENESS wants to make AWARENESS about what choices we have and what we can 
do differently in the clothing & fashion industry for a sustainable future. 

Follow us on Facebook and this blog if you want to know more about these issues.

We believe that all small things do count &
 many small drops makes mighty ocean.

Do you? 

Monday 3 June 2013


     C A S U A L  M O N D A Y 

This Monday is a bit hard since the weekend was all F U N  D A Y S.... (;

Decided to keep my oufit casual ( as in comfortable! ) & cool.
Wearing cons, sweatpants, college jumper, denimjacket
and some of our A/ BARENESS Jewellery:

YUVANI earrings, AMBU flatdrop adjustable bracelet & KARUNA stack ring as thumb ring made of a twist of metals, white metal, copper and brass. 

 And if you wonder....A/ BARENESS Jewellery is available in our webshop and at Magmalou in Oslo.