Wednesday 12 June 2013



We are excited to tell you that you can find the A / BARENESS Jewellery line at BINDI,
  a supernice shop in Asker, Norway.

They already have a bunch of norwegian & international brands that we are big fans of ourselves like Norwegian Rain, Bjørg Jewellery & Edun
amongst others.

 Check out their homepage for more information.

Happy Days (:

Ashta Tanktop Naturwhite in Silk/ Cashmere
 & Jewellery by A / BARENESS

Black Ashta Tanktop by A / BARENESS

Maliha Rings by A / BARENESS 

Balwant Cuff Bracelet & Ambu Bracelet by A / BARENESS.
Have a fashionable day!

One Love from A / BARENESS girlsa

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