Wednesday 16 October 2013



Today is the international Blog Action Day,
focusing on Human Rights

Just before we shipped our new jewellery 
collection to Norway last week, 
we had a small gathering
 with the artisans behind the A/BARENESS Jewellery.  

Namaste from Nepal(:  
                We are so happy that we are collaborating
                with this Metal Workshop, as the 
                   people in the management are
                        "on the same page" 
             and it is a pleasure working with these
                          guys as well.   
A part of the A/BRENESS Code of Conduct 
is to make sure that the
UN Declaration of Human Rights.
 is followed by all the suppliers in our supply chain. 
We have a long way to go, 
but we will get there step by step. 

As the Japanese poet Ryunosuke Satoro once said:

'Individually we are on drop, but together we                   are an ocean'   

    More about the Blog Action Day: 

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