Wednesday 15 January 2014


Just got a new retailer- No.12 in Ă…lesund, Norway.
Juhuu (:

2014 is the year where we are focusing on building
our retail portefolio in Norway
hopefully we will be able to launch our webshop worldwide.

We will also start our 1st waterproject in Nepal
with the money from our sales at our webshop, retailers &

 pop-up shops.

We also got some donations in 2013! YEAH!!

Thank you to all of you for buying our product
and supporting A/BARENESS!

Building a sustainable business takes time, but
we are doing it Step by Step-

 it is Slow Fashion after all.

If you know or stumble across any
fashion store or hair salon in Norway or other countries that you
think could be a good match for
 A/BARENESS Jewellery 

then please let us know?!

We promise a THOUSAND Karma points in return! 

You'll find No.12 on Facebook here:

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