Tuesday 23 December 2014


✮ We wish you a slow & peaceful holiday ✮

We took the "Merry Christmas" pic
 when we visited 
Maya Universe Academy in
 April 2014 ;)
They have now started to build
 a new toilet 
for the money we collected
 from our sales in 2013, 
and we are in the planning stage for
 the money 
we collected this year.

We are looking forward to 
tell you more about it 
 show you some results next year! 

We will be out of the office during
 Dec 23rd to January 5th
 to hang out with our family & friends
 to collect inspiration and
 energy for 2015.

// The A/BARENESS web shop is open //

 Feel free to check it out,
but all e-mails & handling of
web orders
will not happen
 until 5th of January. 

Slow fashion 
 Karoline & Anne-Marthe

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