Friday 30 January 2015


Our Jagat "Moonstone in a Cage" Pendant,
hanging onto
our Sujala chain,
here in good company of other lovely
jewellery selected by Norwegian
Elle Magazine. Yay (:
More Jagat pendants are in the
(hand) making in Nepal
where Anne-Marthe is these days.

She is following up on our
production, new samples 

and doing
 research/ planning on
our future water projects
to be started from
money we got donated in 2014.

AND; We are having a photo shoot
 for the new
basic knits in lovely
bamboo & cashmere
and our latest pieces of
brass, silver &
some of the autumn samples
are also here in O-town.

We have also borrowed
 some great
 vintage & 2nd hand clothes
from Velouria Vintage,

see their details here:

Behind the scenes pics
will follow!
have a lovely weekend you all!! 
Karoline xx

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