Thursday 14 May 2015


It's almost 3 weeks since the
 first earthquake hit Nepal.
I, Karoline was in Kathmandu 
when it striked
and I was there for 6 days
 before I returned to
Norway as planned the 30th of April.
It's  the most horrible, 
terrifying thing that has ever
happened in my life.
And now I'm here in Norway.
Safe and "sound",
but worried about my Nepali family
and friends,
for Nepali people in general
and as a country.
I feel really sad and frustrated,
And I am here... 
in safe, little Norway.
I didn't loose my family,
my house or my future 
and still I
feel empty in a way I have 
never felt before.
When people ask me how I am, my honest answer 
be that I don't really know
 how I feel.
Leaving Nepal this time is one of the most
difficult things I have ever done.
Rather than feeling relieved
 to go home and be safe,
I felt I was leaving my close ones 
 my second home behind.

The frustration I have felt earlier about
 all the unfairness
in this world is just feeling a lot
 heavier than before,
and when I came back to Norway I was
physically exhausted 
in a way I've never been before...

And I am one of the lucky ones!!!

So when I'm feeling like this,
I somehow understand
 Jhalak Bahadur
that after returning to his no 
longer existing village
 he now feels like 

body without soul :(

Nepal needs us to continue to
support with money for 
peoples lives
 to get help to deal with
their post traumatic stress
after going trough a crisis like this!

Watch the BBC video here:

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